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    Be Uncomplicated. Be Like the Beer

    Be Uncomplicated.

    Be Like the Beer.

    Hi, I’m a cold, refreshing Carlton Dry. Brewed to be smooth & uncomplicated.
    And couldn’t the world do with more of that? Be uncomplicated. Be like the beer.

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    Carlton Dry

    Super refreshing, full strength lager. Brewed to be smooth and uncomplicated.

    Aroma & Taste

    A refreshingly crisp modern lager with a fruity aroma that is low in bitterness, delivering superior drinkability. Full strength. Lower Carb.

    Food Match

    Salt and pepper squid, a perfect accompaniment to this spicy dish, Carlton Dry cleanses the palate and refreshes the senses.

    4.5% ABV
    Bitterness: 12BU

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