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Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry is a super refreshing, full strength lager specifically brewed for easy drinking. Our beer has a great taste and a smooth, dry finish without the bitterness of traditional beers. Combine this with our longer brewing process that removes excess sugars, making us lower carb and you can see why Carlton Dry is the perfect addition to any good time.

This delicious beer comes in: 330ml stubby, 375ml can and 700ml longneck.

Carlton Dry Lime

The same great taste of Carlton Dry, with the added edge of natural lime. This refreshing brew is easy drinking and a real crowd pleaser. Besides - buying and cutting your own limes? Nobody's got time for that.

This delicious beer comes in a 330ml stubby.

Carlton Dry
Hard Lager

A beer which has been specially brewed to maintain the smooth taste of its original older brother, yet is still low in bitterness. It’s an uncomplicated beer, with one small difference – now at 6.5% alcohol volume. The difference is hard.

This delicious beer comes in: 375ml can.

How to open a Carlton Dry

How to open
a Carlton Dry

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